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Recorded replays are bugged, all replays have an echo?

Hey, whenever I record a replay, and then I go back to watch it, there is a weird echo effect on all the players voices in my game.

Its as if everyone is speaking through a metal tube. The voices sound fine during gameplay, its only in the recordings that the voices have this echo effect.
It makes it hard to understand what people are saying in my replays.

Here is a recording I made in Raptr that shows this effect:

Anyone else have this problem or know how to fix it?
If I cant fix it, then I'll probably switch to an Nvidia card, as replay recording feature is one of main reasons I purchased this video card.


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Very interesting, it may have to do with your audio codecs, but we'll take a look. I created a ticket for your issue. Ticket #15427 for your reference.