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Raptr client - unable to contact

I had been using the Raptr app for a few weeks and had no big problems with it until about a week ago and it wouldn't log in.  I get the message 

"Unable to contact  Please check your internet connection and try again."

My internet connection is working correctly.

I have tried turning off my virus program, no effect.

I reset my password, no effect.

I uninstalled, downloaded the latest client and installed, no effect.  I tried both Raptr and AMD Gaming Evolved version just in case.

I deleted the raptr.cfg file, no effect.

I ran the client as administrator, no effect.

If I type a random username and password, I get the same message so it definitely seems there is something blocking it.

What else can I try?

Here is the content of my raptr.log file, which may help I guess:

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