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An issue with Manual Recording

 Hey guys,

First I'd like to say what an awesome piece of software you guys have here considering its still very much in beta and at times that shows but my problem is this:

When I record a game like Left 4 Dead 2 or Resident Evil 5 for say an hour, when I go to where my files are saved I find that its cut my recordings in to chunks of say 15mins a piece normally around the size of say 3.75gb.

Now this is totally fine but the issue here is after the first video every one after that the audio has desynched (correct term?, heck I dunno :P ).

Now I have been able to fix this in my editing software but was wondering if this was an ongoing issue or if its new?

My speccs are as follows:

Windows 7 Ultimate x64

AMD FX6300 6-Core CPU

AMD R9 200 Series 2GB GPU

8GB Memory

Thanks for any info you can give on the matter,


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This is actually an issue that is caused by Windows 7 come to find out. Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 do not have this issue and correctly record the entire amount of gameplay into one file. Because this is caused by Windows there isn't too much we can do currently. However, we may look at finding a way to splice them together ourselves in the future for Windows 7. 

Currently, there is no work around (except splicing them together manually). We apologize for the inconvenience.

 Ahh well then, had to ask in any case just a shame thats the cause, still...having tried other recording software I find your's giving me superior quality at reasonable file sizes despite the odd crash.  As said before though I can get over the desynch issue after the fact just a pain in the butt is all :D

Thanks for getting back to me on the issue at least.


No problem, we're still looking to potentially resolve this in the future as well, but unsure how that will go. That is left up to engineering.