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[Question] Reward System

 Hello there,

I was wondering why there are only 2 games available at the reward system. I own an AMD card and I live in Brazil. A few months ago (about 3) there were lots of games available, but now I can get only Devil May Cry: DMC and Alan Wake, except that I already own both games. I'm almost 10k RP and have nothing but eGuides and Smites to get (I don't play Smite btw). I'm aware that the rewards have an "expiration date" but why aren't there new ones? Since I bought my AMD card and been using this software (Nov/2013), I haven't seen new games being added, only games being removed. Are there going to be new games as rewards in the future?


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I have the exact same problem, just different country, im from Croatia. For me only Alan Wake and DMC are shown as well when it comes to actual games. I don't really care about those eguides.

While there are occasionally regional restrictions set by the partner offering the reward, we only have two games available currently.  When more offers become available, we will be sure to update the store.  Have a great day.