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Sound coming from the wrong directions, cs go.

I get sound coming from the wrong directions when I play cs go. For example sound that should be coming from the right comes from the left and vice versa. This doesn't happen all the time but it happens after a few minutes of gameplay, it might be related to tabbing in/out of the game, but not sure yet. Anyway it's a great inconvience for me as I found raptr very useful otherwise but if this problem persists I can not use this program because I need to be able to hear stuff properly ingame.

So does anyone have the same problem and does anyone have a solution?

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I´ve got my sound on the wrong sides when I am using the Raptr Highlight-Clips on DayZ and on all other games. I hope it will be fixed soon i have looked it up on google but it seems not many people have got this problem because this is the first post i found on this problem.

Anyway i hope it will be fixed soon and fast.


After being in contact with raptr support I've managed to solve it. Using usb 3.0 instead of the normal usb fixed it for me. The error seemed to be related to me using a usb headset.

Thanks for passing that solution along for others, Mmmarcusb!  I was pleased to see that it helped you. It took a bit of digging to find that.

As a list of things that have helped other people in using USB headsets, here are some options to try:

-Using USB 3.0 ports instead of 2.0 (this is what helped mmmarcusb)

-Buying a specific USB card:   " I bought a Vantec 4-port SuperSpeed USB PCI Express card. Downloaded/installed the latest drivers for it and then plugged my headset into it. 

It sucks to have to spend $30 to fix this issue, but I havent had a problem since."

-switching from Dolby 7.1 to just use 'stereo'

(can't remember which link I had seen it in.)