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Problems with automatic updates

Hi !

Recently, my AMD GAMING EVOLVED has shown the message (in the HOME menu, section DRIVERS): "there is no compatible driver automatic updates for your video card"

This could be a serious problem or not ?

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i have the same problem and be ready cuz you will need to wait  to get an answer ;) i have been waiting more then 15 days now to get an answer and still nothing good luck my friend

 yeah here too no problems before though but not really important for me got a r9 280x and updates always done over Catalyst Control Center or AMD website but the amd evolved client is behaving really strange and bad the last updates no twitch streaming anymore no automatic driver updates .... if this goes on the client is soon be useless for me and i switch back to steam or uplay or broadcast my streams otherwise...


Yeah, good luck for us. Apparently, there's no change or problems because of this... But since my memory isn't good enough, I will forget to update the driver. Hope this is the only problem. 


Yeah, but this problem can mean another ... as system incompatibility with something else. I hope it's not that.

@Seidji - I would recommend creating a ticket if you have not already regarding this issue. Since more than likely this may involve getting your logs.

@UglyCoyote - Replied to your Ticket.

@drgaming809 - Replied to your Ticket

@VERUN what do you mean by Replied to my ticked cuz i dont see any replys :/

My bad. In a way I replied to your ticket, but it was in regards to talking with an engineer about your issue; nothing that you would be able to see. However, this morning I have replied back with a question for you. I apologize for the confusion.

@VERUN - Ticket ? 

You can go to this link:

From there, there will be a "Create New Ticket" button on the top. 

I only open raptr occasionally, so today it downloaded an update then I had the same  "there is no compatible driver automatic updates for your video card" message. I go to support (Lol) & end up here. However, despite being auto signed in, it won't recognise my password. I reset my password to be able to post here, but restart raptr in case that was the problem. Have to change to the new password there too. Same problem. I check in tools, see both 'driver updates' boxes are checked, so I uncheck them to restart raptr thinking to recheck them & start again, see if that jogs it's memory. However, when both driver updates boxes are unchecked, it now offers me the latest update!?! Doesn't make sense but give it a go & see if it works for you. :)

@rockamdroll - 

So you're saying that when you have both of these options disabled, you can then download drivers?

@ROCKAMDROLL thanks for the reply but i manage to fix my problem im using now Win 10 pro 64bit and everything is working fine i can record all my games no crashin nothing it even Detects my Graphics Card so im happy right now hope not to come across this problem ever again , 

by the way i suggest you guys to try out Win 10 with the latest Drivers from  AMD  its working great right now....

@VERUN  Yep. That's what I did, thinking to re-check them again in order to 'jog' raptr's memory, as it were, but as soon as I unchecked both boxes & re-started raptr, it immediately offered me a new update! Actually, I'm not sure now whether I should set them back to being checked. :)

@ROCKAMDROLL Don't know why but it worked for me too ! Must be some bug or issue... But thanks for the help, man ! Really apprecciate it.

@DRGAMING809 I will install it later, they put some good critics for the windows 10 ! 

@VERUN Yep, disable both options ! Now it appeared like they are both on 

same problem here with my r9 295x2...