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AMD gaming evolved cant open

I recently did a system restore, and now whenever Raptr- Gaming evolved opens, I get this- the logfile c:\PROGRA~2\raptr\raptr.exe.log could not be opened [errno 13] permission denied: 'C:\\PROGRA~2\\raptr\\raptr.exe.log I tried opening the application as an administrator, but then I got this message See the Logfile 'C:\Program files (X86)\Raptr\Raptr.exe.log' for more details. What do I do to be able to open it again?

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I went ahead and created a ticket for you so we can discuss this issue. Ticket #15830 for your reference.

Estou com problemas semelhantes.

The logfile 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Raptr\raptrstub.exe.log' could not be opened: [Errno 13] Permissio deined: 'C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Raptr\\raptrstub.exe.log'

Aguardo retorno.

Willame d. Santos

Tente abrir Raptr no modo de administrador.


Try opening Raptr in Administrator mode.

I am having the same extact issue, was there ever a solution?