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I can't find Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare in the list of games that I can optimize

 My question is why I can't find COD AW the list of games that I can optimize

this list I mean

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Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is a Steamworks game. Thus, it is not in the manual-add list and should be automatically detected if it's installed on your system through a legitimate means. If you are having issues with Call of Duty Advanced Warfare being detected, we recommend creating a ticket for your issue.

Thanks for your response 
first of all let's say I haven't installed it through a legitimate means 
some times the game appears in the list of installed games but it appears like this 

Is there any other way I can optimize this game except installing it through a legitimate means

The optimization is based on the various game files that may be linked to Steam. While we can't 100% say it wouldn't work, it's possible that Optimization may be unable to work if you're unable to get it through legitimate means.

I'm satisfied with some manual tweaks now 

many thanks