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TF2 visual glitches while recording

Just installed Raptr after updating my graphics card (haven't done it in a while), and I noticed some visual glitches while video capture is enabled playing TF2:

The other games I've tested don't seem to have any issues.

Is there anything that can be done on my end about this?

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The only graphical glitch I noticed was it appears the walls will sometimes appear black (almost overly shadowed) if they are far away. If you're seeing that glitch in the game, then it more than likely is not Raptr causing that issue. It really looks like either a settings issue, or possibly driver issue (which might make sense since you just updated video drivers). 

I guess the real kicker would be if you were not seeing the same glitch if Raptr was disabled.

Yes, if I disable the "Track Gameplay" option I don't have any problems; turn it on and the shadows are screwy again. Some of the 2d images seem to mess up and not appear as well.

Wow, that is incredibly bizarre. I created a ticket for your issue (#16087) so that I can ask for some files on your PC. See if we can't get to the bottom of this.