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Problems with Driver Updates

I've just tried to reply to a previous thread about this, but my reply post isn't appearing so...

After a raptr update, suddenly it says it can't offer updates for my AMD GPU, which it always was before.

After experimenting, I found that 'unchecking' the boxes in Tools/Driver Updates then restarting raptr, made it offer me a driver update!?!

Doesn't make logical sense, but hey, if it worked for me, could work for anyone else with this problem. :)

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It's back up. Weird auto-moderation caught ya for some reason. I replied as a confirmation to the solution because it's just odd. But we're making some changes to the driver updates soon too.

Thanx @VERUN  Can I assume from your reply that you're involved in raptr? If so, it may be of interest that this problem occurred after the latest update. raptr was notifying me of updates before the latest update was applied. 

@rockamdroll - Yep, I work at Raptr :-)

We have our team looking at that issue, but we're making some large changes with the drivers anyways. I made the manager of that department aware of what you found though.

Thanx @verun   I appreciate how difficult it must be to run something like raptr, & we all so rarely compliment you guys for the good stuff, so thanx for your prompt response & notifying my problem up the chain. :)

If it's not taking liberties, why does the 'add a game' function in Library, rely on a list? You have detecting software, so why can't I just navigate to my game folder and add it? If that's possible, it'd be a better function. Also, I always have at least '6 games not optimized' notification, when in fact more are not optimized. Games like Alan Wake, Batman Arkham Asylum, Bioshock 2, DeadPool, Rage, Sniper Ghost Warrior & several Tom Clancy games! Clicking the optimize button hardly ever works either. Something's not right there. Aren't raptr's core functions to keep us updated with AMD drivers & optimize our games for AMD cards? Anyway, best wishes & good luck with it all. :)

@rockamdroll - Let me see if I can't separate everything you mentioned:

Compliments: Thanks! :-)

Add-Game Function: There are two ways that we can typically detect a game to be added into the library. Manually and Automatic. Automatic looks at our database for the games and where they should be in your registry, and then can find the game exes through that method. Manual looks for the exe, but is also based on folder structures, etc. The reason it's not just a "Point to this exe and we know the game" is mainly based the system we're using and to avoid issues where a user points to a game, and it doesn't add because we don't have a detection. With how many Indie games there are now, that list is getting very large. The list just keeps order in what we do/don't have.

Optimization: May just be as simple as we don't have the detections for some games. I quickly asked the Optimization team and most of the games you listed we're simply "We weren't able to optimize them"; mostly due to encrypted files, hidden entries, weird issues, etc. Some games we may not focus our Optimization on based on the age of the game too. 

Raptr Core Functions: Game Recording, Optimization, Game Tracking, Driver Updates. There are other things we do too obviously.

@verun  Thanks for a prompt & comprehensive reply! :)

I'd foolishly overlooked the recording & social side of raptr, apologies. Personally, I keep raptr on my system for no.1 Driver Updates, no. 2 potential optimization. btw, on the optimization front, the list that appears from the drop down menu has a heap of games I've never heard of on it & while I accept your point about iffy files, I've just manually added Alan Wake & Bioshock 2, so it can do it, just won't do it auto, which is a pain. I point this out, coz without feedback, you can't attempt to improve your service eh? I suspect that coz I currently have 4 HDD's in my system build, it struggles to locate some games. I have new SSHD's Terabyte capacity on my wishlist, just below more RAM (8<16Gb) & an i-3 <i-5 CPU upgrade! :) Last game I bought, Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor @ 43Gb! Seems they're all coming in around that nowadays & my existing 1'000 Gb (split by 4 drives) is chock-a- block now anyway! When I think, I started with 1 drive 75Gb! Lol. :) Gaming eh? :)

I've currently still got my 'check for updates & check for beta versions' boxes unchecked. Could you possibly let me know if that original problem get's a fix, then I can check them back to Normal. No sweat if it's too much to ask, I appreciate you're probably busy & I can always check with AMD central.:)

Thanks again & Cheers :)

Yesterday all my drives were up to date after iv updated to Windows 10 its saying " Automatic updates are not supported for your games card" ????

Is this a problem i should be worried about, is this similar to the above and can this be fixed. cant find Tool/Drives.

@kellyseye - 

You should not be worried about it deeply. I mentioned on another forum post, but we believe it is just some miscommunication between Windows 10, the Drivers and Raptr/AMD Gaming Evolved. We're still investigating the issue and looking for resolutions. Thanks for your patience!


hello, i have the same problem.

After updating to windows 10, installing new windows 10 driver, amd gaming evolved won't recognize my r9 280, i also noticed that the optimize game function is broken. What can i do?

Frankkrue.  For now, just try what I did. Go into 'tools' then 'driver updates' & uncheck both the boxes there. See if it will find updates then. You can always go straight to AMD Driver downloads  & get the latest driver & do a clean install. Hope this helps. :)

Pls help me i cant add "League of Legends" to AMD GE with manaully add game and my OPTIMIZE not worked !!! Pls heellppp 

@4rmin92 - Does it detect any other games on your machine? If it can't detect anything, I would recommend checking your firewall and antivirus settings to see if it was able to properly download the game installation files.

Same problem, my gpu doesn't comunicate anymore with the monitor, what to do?