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Hotkeys stopped working.

None of my hotkeys works except the recording one. Cannot display frame rate counter, cannot take screenshot. No matter what key i assign to them, only the recording one seems to work nothing else. I really need that fps counter if not the screenshot. I have tested about 5 games and it doesn't show up in any of them(The Witcher 3 :Wild hunt, Battlefield 4, Dragon age inquisition, Assassins creed unity, Battlefield 3) Anybody got a solution for this ?
P.S I upgraded Windows 10 and the latest 15.7.1 catalyst drivers.

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@gamingburn - Of the 5 games you mentioned, 3 of them don't have in-game overlay enabled by default. However, Assassin's Creed Unity and Battlefield 3 should be able to take screenshots/open the overlay. Can you confirm the following:

  • Recheck the hotkeys to ensure that they have not changed.
  • Check in the Game Library that these games have their in-game overlay enabled. 
  • Ensure that the hotkey commands are not being used by the game itself. 

If you have checked all of the above and are still running across issues, I would recommend creating a ticket for this issue so we can ask for client files. You can post the ticket number here for quick reference.