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Windows 10 and Raptr issues

 I clean installed Windows 10.

Then I installed Raptr but instead of AMD Gaming Evolved, it is now just Raptr.

Also Raptr is now unable to detect any games.

The only game I was manually able to detect is Hearthstone.

Heroes of the Storm is unable to manually detect either, Don't Starve Together didn't auto detect either.

Please help.

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When you Clean Installed Windows 10, did you reinstall Heroes of the Storm or Don't Starve Together or are they just running off a secondary drive?

installed windows 10 and I updated catalyst.... now AMD gaming evolved says my card doesn't support automatic updating

@warmukwa - Try reinstalling drivers to see if it helps. You can also try a bug that a few users have found by disabling the driver options in the preferences. 

ya i got windows 10 and rapter keeps telling me to update my drivers to 15.12 and i did but rapter cant figure that out

When you upgraded to Windows 10, did you also reinstall Catalyst Control Center?

yes i did

@sirleeofcan - Are you still using the AMD Radeon HD 7570? I can take a look and see if that is a card that should be working. We've been noticing some potential issues with the Crimson drivers as well, so just a heads up on that.

yes iam still using  the graphics card AMD  radeon 7570 HD