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Twitch don't work


I have a problem on Raptr i can't stream my game with twitch support.

Sign my twitch account - ok

Set hotkey - ok

Disable "Video capture" - ok

Enable Twitch plugin - ok

On top corner i see "Twitch is offline" and when i press my hotkey nothing is happening.

Can you help me ?


4 people have this problem

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Check if a Firewall may be causing an issue. If that is not the case, we recommend creating a ticket so that we can ask for files. 

Same problem. How to fix it? thx


i can´t stream through rapr, plz help me

I can´t stream through raptr

We are aware that some users can run across issues when it comes to Twitch streaming with the Raptr client. However, these issues can be incredibly unique depending on the user. Because of issues like this we recommend creating a ticket about the issue so we can dig into more details. 

You can let the ticket get seen better by creating it and then posting the 5-digit ticket number to this post. That way I can quickly grab it and get better notifications on it.