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Recording problem - BSOD

 Im having a trouble since a few days.

When i open a game with the gaming evolved client activated, instantly comes a BSOD with the message THREAD_STUCK_IN_DEVICE_DRIVER

This only happens with Gaming evolved, i read in some forums that i can disable the ingame overlay but if i do that, i cant record.

With ingame overlay i can play but i cant record

Have a Gigabyte R7 260x

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You should still be able to record even with in-game overlay disabled. Which game is this happening in?

I reistalled the drivers and the raptr client

Now i have no overlay or bsod issues but i cant record. The recording notification stucks in 0:00 and the files in plays tv are in 0 too. i cant play it even in windows media player

It happens with every game.

I would recommend creating a ticket about this issue. Also, once again, letting us know which game would be beneficial.