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Raptr crashes games on dual monitors

Raptr is crashing most games on dual monitor setup. I'm using 2 21" monitors on a R7 275X, windows 7 x64 (extended desktop).. One monitor I use for gaming (HDMI connection) and one for monitoring various network traffic(old VGA connection) . The problem is that AMD-Catalyst-Omega-14.12-With-DOTNet45-Win7-64bit with raptr was crashing some of my games when trying to enter them. Exiting raptr made the games launch correctly. For example Star Trek Online was working, but not Star Wars The Old Republic. After updating the driver to AMD-Catalyst-15.7.1-With-DOTNet45-Win7-64bit STO no longer works with raptr. I have to exit raptr to be able to launch the game. I think this is a dual-monitor setup related issue.

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