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Lunch Options or launch shortcut, not KSP.exe


I need to launch Kerbal Space Program with -force-d3d11 option in a shortcut or from the command line with "[KSP PATH]\KSP.exe -force-d3d11"

If I don't use this method, KSP will crash due to the 32bit memory limit, I use Win7x64, and KSP is x32. The Windows KSPx64 is too unstable to use. So I am forced to use KSPx32 with the -force-d3d11 option to stay under the memory limit.

Steam has a similar option:'set launch options' which sets the option on launch.

How can I get Raptr to launch KSP.exe with -force-d3d11 option OR make Raptr launch a premade shortcut with this option. As in, open Raptr, scan, point to KSP.exe -force-d3d11 shortcut inside the KSP Root Folder, then Raptr will use that to launch instead of the .exe itself.

Attached is a screen of the shortcut I use normally.

EDIT: Since around KSP v 1.0.x, the Windows KSPx64 is no longer offered, at least till Unity 5 migration is done, then we might see a return.  This makes the -force-d3d11 even more necessary to run KSP, modded, in Windows.

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