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AMD Gaming Evolved app game detecting problem

I upgraded my Win 7 to Win 10, but the app is lose some of my games, and don't track gametime, can't optimize. And when i try to scan games it don't find them. Reinstaled the app, the game, but no effect, try to manualy add the game (Heroes of the storm) the first step to find the (Heroes of the storm.exe) is ok but the second one, find "versions\HeroesofTheStorm_x64.exe" is bugged or something because when i find it, and clicked on it the app says "Uh-oh! We're unable to find the game executable for Heroes of the Storm in the directory that you have chosen. Please try again."

It happen some more games the same way. 

Using the latest AMD driver for my graphic card, and all the Win 10 updates, and all games is original, and patched.

Sorry for my bad english.

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Did you reinstall Heroes of the Storm, or was it installed on another drive at the time?

I reinstalled the game and now it is on my list but first i restarted my computer and after the restart i got the game on the list. (maybe some windows stuff because sometime i got error messages when i try to delette a file in totalcommander)

Depending on how you installed Windows, it very well could have been missing the proper registry key towards where the game is installed (which is where we look). When you reinstalled the game, it rewrote the registry key which would allow us to detect properly.