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Problem unresolved for a month now even though i updated multiple times.

Hi, my ticket was closed with the answer "I am sorry we didnt get back to you on time, should be fixed with an update"

Well it was not fixed, I uninstalled raptr and installed it again and uninstalled (using a proper program) the AMD drivers and updated to latest one to no avail. Please re open ticket and look into for me. Ticket is below:

 #14471 Automatic driver updates are not supported 7970


reported about 1 month ago

I was happily gaming on my 7970 and AMD drivers 14.5, i upgraded to 15.5 (clean install) but my Raptr app says : "by your videcard". Which is strange because the update button was active before the update.

Also, some games say: " you must run this game in order to be optomized". But I have ran the games and played 3 hours with no optimization. (Tera showed this message).


Beta driver is unchecked btw, i tried checking it and unchecking it


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We'll continue to deal with the issue in the ticket. There have been some changes to driver updates so we're interested in knowing what issues may have arisen or we're not resolved.