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Windows 10 & 15.7.1, recording using Gaming Evolved suddenly very slow



I've been using the Gaming Evolved app to record my gaming sessions for over a year now, and all that time the performance impact for recording at 1080p@60hz was minimal. Now that I have upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10, recording using Gaming Evolved suddenly causes a big slow down. I play Planetside 2, and before I used to be able to record that without the framerate dropping more than 1 or 2%

. Now, when I start the recording, the framerate drops to 50 fps and lower, even when before the game was running at 100+ fps! I am not sure if this is caused by the driver or Gaming Evolved.


Has anyone experienced the same kind of slowdown? Any feedback would be much appreciated.


I'm using:

Windows 10 Professional X64

Intel i5-2500K

AMD HD7950

Asrock Z68 Pro3 Gen3

4x4 DDR3-1600


Driver package version: 15.20.1062.1002-150715a-187327C

Gaming Evolved accordind to C:\Program Files (x86)Raptr\version.txt: {"version" : "4.4.4", "revision" : "100182"}

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I have been experiencing the exact same issue as you and I'm even using the same GPU (Sapphire HD 7950). Upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 7, updated amd driver to 15.7.1, installed raptr, turned on GVR, and then had my fps in Planetside 2 halved. It seems like a compability issue with the drivers or the raptr GVR feature as when I GVR turned off, I see that have 10-20 more fps than I otherwise would have on windows 7. This is the only major problem i have encountered in windows 10 so far.


I would recommend that you make a ticket for your issues since we may need to look into more details regarding this. We have seen widely varying results from Windows 10 for users, so there isn't a general issue to tackle and can be more 1 on 1 based. Both of you mentioned Planetside 2; does it happen in other games besides PS2?

Either way, creating a ticket and replying back here with the Ticket # can help us to possibly single out the issue for you. 

hello Verun, as you suggested I created a ticket: #16729

For everybody else, I tested the performance impact in some games, for each game I list the framerate before recording and then while recording

GTA 5: 82 -> 70

Talos Principle: 56 -> 51

Chivalry Medieval Warfare: 103 -> 54

Cities Skylines: 46 -> 42

Rocket League: 66 -> 62

Planetside 2: 60 -> 34

Next Car Game (DX9): 74 -> 47

Next Car Game (DX11): 86 -> 78

Trine 2: 52 -> 42

CS:GO: 192 -> 115

It's clear that DX9 games suffer, while DX11 games are pretty ok

A really good observation there, fiah. I ran a few benchmarks on Valley with DX9 and DX11 and attached the results to ticket #16738, and I can confirm that only DX9 games have a huge loss fps compared to DX11 which only drops a few frames with GVR on. Hopefully you guys can sort this out for us, Verun.

@fiah @Jull4n - Thanks for the study on this guys! We actually had not been made aware of an FPS lost for Dx9 games. We'll be taking a look at this and see if we can get the same results. If you come up with any other information, let us know either in a ticket or the forum. 

Engineering was already one step ahead of me! We have a fix for this coming up. We'll reevaluate this issue once the patch has released and wait for user comments to see if the issue continues. 

Great! I'll report back on whether the patch fixes the issue for me

Ah nice to hear that! I have the same problems in Rocket League, where i get 55 fps when highlight is active, usually i get above 100! Hope fix comes soon!

Nearly over 2 months and still no update? It's unplayable with raptr and windows 10.. :/

Yeah, therefore I switched to the standalone client, works with it!

@warcry16 - Sorry for the lack of an update. We've had to push back the release quite a bit to fix some further things. We're hoping it should be releasing in this week or so.

@zersorger - Agreed. The standalone client has had more updates and fixes recently. We're hoping to transition these over to Raptr at some point.