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Windows 10 and which Game Client? AMD Gaming Evolved or Raptr?

I have installed windows 10 and my driver automatically updated. I then installed the drivers 15.7.1. The optimize list im getting the error: Games List retrieval error! 

my question is - what should i be using AMD Gaming Evolved? or should i download Raptr? whats the difference? 

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You'll find very little difference between Raptr and AMD Gaming Evolved outside of branding/icons. If you are getting a Games List retrieval error, you will want to make sure that a firewall or antivirus is not potentially preventing access to our servers. 

Additionally, you can also try doing a config reset to see if it helps:

To do this:

1) Close down Raptr/AMD GE

2) Press the Windows key + R to get the run command box up

3) Type %appdata% and press Enter

4) Locate the Raptr folder

5) Rename this folder (or move it)

6) Restart Raptr/AMD GE