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Raptr only recording in 23.98fps?

Hello everyone, I just submitted a ticket but wanted to get some feedback in case anyone had any ideas.

I have been trying to use the video recording feature of Raptr for YouTube. I have been attempting to record Rogue Legacy, an indie game which is not graphics intensive at all. I'm trying to record in 720p in 30fps so I can use Lightworks on my videos and post them. The only problem is, regardless of how I change the bitrate, the max fps, or the resolution, I keep getting recorded videos in 23.98fps. Lightworks will tell me I can't import it because of the frame issue.

I've already tried some other solutions to get around this problem- by changing the fps of the video using VLC player, but the problem is the audio becomes offset with the fps change. I've tried using a variable fps in Lightworks to accept the file, but again, there is audio desync.

So, my question is, why is Raptr not recording at 30fps like I'm telling it to? My system settings can more than handle this- AMD 8320 3.5Ghz 8 core, 12gb ram, running an R9 280.

Help would be appreciated as I can't really do any recording until I get this figured out.

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@ZeshiO - I replied your ticket. I'll continue to deal with your issue there, but other users are welcome to give their voice on this subject.

I as well have this issue. I recorded 2 hours of gameplay yesterday in Mad Max in "60fps"... Only to find out it is 56fps for some strange reason. This is causing issues with my editing software and desyncing issue with my audio :S So aggravating!

@qwazyd0gg - Do you know if it's a consistent 56fps, or whether you got that information from right-clicking and looking at the FPS? There can be issues with getting an accurate number since it can alter the results based on loading screens, still images, etc. 

Both during the properties inspection, as well as during the video import process into post production software. When I import and play @ 56fps it looks normal. If I bring it in and try to manually set the project to 59 or 60fps, the video playback is choppy

@qwazyd0gg - Which video editor are you using?

Premiere CC 2014 and Don't Vegas Pro 13

I believe we're aware that there is an issue with some editing programs causing a desync in audio. Thankfully, most of the editors can resolve the issue by resyncing it but we understand that can be a slight hassle. 

Why are audio and video out of sync when I watch video clips from

Unfortunately, we don't have a quick way to fix it, but as mentioned in the article we do intend to correct it, especially as and AMD Gaming Evolved pick up in popularity.