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Smite Gems for US?

I remember when they actually kept putting smite gems into the rewards page. Is there a certain date on where you're going to put smite gems in? I know I have to "Keep updated" but I've done that for almost a year now. I really think this whole company is going dead because I've not seen one new reward on my rewards tab for at least 3-4 months (I haven't kept track)

Please do something about this. Don't brush off another one of your complaining users of Raptr.

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Raptr is virtually useless now. Rewards (specifically smite) was the entire reason I decided to get it. Raptr gives me nothing except "optimizing my games" and tracking game time.

Yeah same, i really just want the SMITE gems. I've saved up a pretty amount of Points for it. :(  why you make me sad raptr

Rewards are intended as an added bonus for using the Raptr software and participating in the online community.  Rewards are subject to change over time, so I wouldn't advise using it if you are only using it for one particular reward, as we have no plans to offer Smite rewards again.  This was a limited time promotion that has expired for this region.  Have a great day.