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Need a way to select preferred resolution so optimizer doesn't optimize games to the wrong one.

 We need a way to select a preferred resolution so raptr doesn't try to guess what to use when 2 or more monitors are in use.  It would be best if you could do this globally in raptr and be able to override per game also without it becoming "non optimized"  For me it wants to set everything to 1280x768.  None of my monitors are that resolution.(1280x1024 and 1600x900)  I would like to set the correct resolution of 1280x1024 globally and have it optimize for that while being able to select certain games that I play on my second monitor and change them to be 1600x900 in rapt without it saying they aren't optimized.

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I was coming here to suggest this, it is really making me angry that I can't use the optimizer because it wants to change resolution to one none of my monitors are running in on games I know it can handle full 1080p in without an issue.