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BF 4 Recording problem

Hi i have R9 280X and when i want record save Highlights in BF 4 it doesnt working. In all games it have problem with HUD? the screen of raptr in game - it doesnt working for me. 

I starting BF 4 64 bit and with Mantle enabled.

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@vitenuto - Currently there are issues with Mantle Recording with the recent AMD drivers. Both Raptr and AMD are investigating the issue. Thank you for letting us know.

I was able to record highlights with my r9 390x, Now my in game hud does not show at all in bf4, shows in other games but not bf4, all settings are as they should be, I love the software and really want to get it working, any tips?

@DogBoy1078 - In-game Overlay is not enabled for Battlefield 4. You can attempt to force enable it in your Game Library though to see if it will work. However, if it does not work, there probably is nothing we can do to fix it.