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Не работает в играх \ AMD Gaming Evolved doesn't work on games!

Greetings. Please help me, AMD Gaming Evolved doesn't work in games. I can't Ctrl+Tab, or else, - no effect. In past it working, but now don't know how it's not working. What can i do?

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Which games is it not working in? Are you using Ctrl+Tab for the in-game overlay? Are there other features that are not working?

For moment that i write previous message it not working on all games. But now, don't know how, it starts working, but some problems still i have.
In "Lineage 2" Ctrl+Tab still not show in game menu. Twitch that i use creates channel and writes me"online" but when i open the page with my twitch channel it writes "OFFLINE"(on that moment in game twitch still writes "online"). And then i use twitch, it shows me In Game menu, but while i'm closing it(Esc.), i cannot start In Game menu again)(Only if i run twitch again Ctrl+;). In Lineage 2 works only Twitch, Video capture (Ctrl + ;), and Screen capture(Page Up + S). Don't work — Sound muffle (Ctrl+M), FPS (Page Up+F/A), Microfone muffle (Ctrl+]), Page Up+F11, and how i said before Ctrl+Tab.

Yes, I'm use Ctrl+Tab for in-game overlay. 

In "Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (2010)" All working good.

Sorry for problem. If you can help me with Twitch it will be good, (and maybe with Ctrl+Tab..)  Other features i'm not really interested.

This issue is definitely getting deeper as it is now getting into Twitch issues. We can continue dealing with this issue in your Ticket. Ticket #16695 for your reference.