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Lost Starter Profile

 I'm am going to have to start of by saying I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing with this AMD stuff, basically some stuff downloaded when I built my PC a year or so ago and AMD Gaming Evolved I believe made me an automatic profile that used to log in automatically and reap all the points and so on from playing games.

It wasn't until i recently updated all these apps that I noticed it stopped signing me in and have no idea what the profile name/password was... so that's a lot of months not crediting RP and a profile I believe to be lost.

Any advice on how to see what previous profiles were or even to see if those RP can be reimbursed would be great.

Thanks for taking time to explain things to a software noob like moi.

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A guest login is intended for users to try out the software prior to creating an account, not for extended use.  We cannot reimbursed earned RP, as it is not possible to retrieve data from a guest account.  You would need to start a new account by going to and clicking "Sign Up".  If you have any difficulty with this, contact us directly at