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raptr crash windows 10

This happens ever since I updated to Windows 10, 
I'm playing CSGO and Raptr is recording my play and suddenly my whole PC crashes, just turns off. 
I have to literally press the power button to turn on, Crash time is random. Updated to 15.7.1 (R9 280x Sapphire Vapor X)

Any one else facing this, any fixes plz suggest. I can't stream :3


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If you disable Raptr, do you get the same issue?

Have you tried reinstalling your drivers? Or possibly cleaning out old ones?

i have same problem i have asus r9 270x 2 gb card i random black screen when playing any game with it rec or recording in background, i have defrag, reinstalled windows and raptr if i switch off recording no crash at all.


@wyvernfrost - Have you tried reinstalling your video drivers and/or Catalyst Control Center?

i have reinstalled video drivers and catalyst control center a few times, still with same problem, i can keep raptr app open and switch off recording and no crash, just when i rec it randomly crashers to a black screen a loop of sound for a few seconds the i have to press the button on my pc to restart my pc.


@wyvernfrost - We'll continue to look into your issue in your ticket you created (#20553). That way we can get things like logs to try and figure out what is happening.