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Raptr won't verify my PSN account.

I followed the instructions to verify my PSN account with the AMD Gaming Evolved software, changing the About Me part of my profile to the verification code, my profile is public, and I've been trying for hours now, and it just will not accept it. I have confirmed everything is in order, but it seems to be having a problem still. I would suggest removing this feature, or at the very least disabling it if you do not intend to fix it soon. I have read posts from 7 months ago with the same issue, so it is apparent that it's not a priority. Do we have an ETA yet? Or will this feature be forever broken on your software?

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I have this problem too. I followed the instructions, but when i click "Verify Me", error and "CHECK THE FOLLOWING" appears. :/

Same here, I've tried like every hour for the last couple of days.

We stopped supporting the console connections a long time ago. We have no intentions to bring them back up. Sorry.