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CS:GO crashes when recording with raptr/playstv

When I play cs:go and have the replay feature running it will crash my cs:go after a few minutes, this happens regardless of whether I actually tried to save it or not.

I'm running an r9 270x, fx-6300 with 8Gb of ram

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i have same problem i have asus r9 270x 2 gb card i random black screen when playing any game with it rec or recording in background and have to restart my pc, i have defrag, reinstalled windows and raptr. if i switch off recording no crash at all.


I have the same problem, don't understand the problem(((

Do you guys have dual monitors? as I have started to have the same issue, however since the new Crimson AMD Driver, it cant detect which screen seems to be the correct one..and wants to set my res on the optimisation screen to 1680x1050 which is the lower res of my second screen, however my primary monitor of 1080p res is what I play my games on