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New Rewards?

When are you going to add some new games to the reward store? I mean seriously if we're going to let AMD gather info about our systems the least they could do is add some new games to the reward. Until such a time as new games are added I'm going to be uninstalling the client as the only benefit it offered me was an option to earn a free game or two but being as that option is going, going, gone then why should I continue to give free information about the games I play to AMD/ Raptr?

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Agreed, AMD is collecting data from us and profiting off that, the least they could do is put a little TINY bit of effort into securing a few new titles every 6 months or so. I'm sure people that are actually gaining all the extra points from streaming are super bored with your offers and us little guys are getting basically junk we don't want or need and the only decnt game remaining is 25000, thats another year and a half! By this program will probably be dead because this reward system is so offputting. Come on multi billion dollar company, let's see a little effort here, I'm about ready to pull the plug.

Neither Raptr or AMD are profiting from your information nor are we arbitrarily gathering your data for anything other than making the software available for you to use.  Rewards are an added incentive and we will update the store with rewards as they become available, but there are circumstances that may prevent individual users from seeing certain rewards based on location or hardware.  If you have specific questions pertaining to this, please contact us at or create a support ticket and be sure to include your username.