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Why are there so few rewards/ways to spend points?

 When I first started using Raptr/AMD Gaming Evolved there were tons of things to spend points on. I was just starting to accumulate points at the time, in hopes to one day be able to buy one of those rewards. When I thought  finally had enough points(10k) to purchase something, I went to the store/reward center and there are only 3 games to chose from, when there used to be at least 10. I also already owned one of the games. Looking at the sweepstakes, most of the games I would want, I also already own as well. The ones I do not own on the list are ones I wouldn't want anyway. Do you folks at Raptr/AMD GE plan on adding new products in the rewards center anytime soon? This is solely the reason I have been using Raptr, especially since most of the other features have been too buggy(Twitch) and not working correctly 100% of the time for me. even though you all have been doing a good job trying to work out a lot of the bugs. I am sure I am not the only one that would like to know an answer to when we should expect to see a selection of fresh games. Thanks for your time.      



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Hi there,

We are not able to declare when new rewards are scheduled to appear, but we're sorry that rewards are the only reason you are using Raptr.  The Twitch problem is a known issue that we are trying to get resolved.  If there are other more specific problems, please start a support ticket or e-mail us directly at describing them in full.  We're sorry for any inconvenience.