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Multiple Client Support

 While I have a considerable number of games in my collection, I mostly play EVE Online. While this isn't really a consideration for any of the other games, I would like to be able to record from multiple clients. Many EVE players (maybe even most of the veterans) are usually running more than one client at a time, as it is helpful to use a smaller ship to scout for a larger one, or light your own cyno beacons in a different star system (This is allowed by the EVE EULA so long as you do not use software to broadcast a single action across multiple clients). There are dozens of other reasons too.

It seems that will currently only record on the first client I open up. This is annoying because, often, much of the action happens on the other client, or I have action going on in both clients at the same time. I realize this would cause a great drain on system resources, but, at the very least, I would like to see a way to switch the recording between clients without having to log the first one out.

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