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Unable to contact

I couldn't login to through desktop app hence couldn't use the app.

But I can easily login to through browser.

I am using proxy setting to connect to internet. Can you help me out?

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@gtx750ti - 

Have you ever been able to connect to the Raptr application? 

We've been having a few outages here and there that may have caused an issue, but it should be working as intended now.

No, I have never been able to login using the application.

Unfortunately, that would probably mean that the proxy would be causing an issue. Unfortunately, there isn't much that we can personally do to get around this. Sorry for the inconvenience.

That is very unfortunate that proxy users can't login and use the app .Is there any way to use the app without login?

You can still use the application, but it would constantly state yourself as a raptr guest. It would be difficult to have any cohesive settings and you would be unable to upload any videos. 

Unfortunately, the problem with proxies would stem from the proxy itself (some may work). 

I got the same problem, but I use common internet connection! 

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@nerzon - Have you checked your firewall or antivirus settings to see if they may be preventing access?

hi i have problem with amd gaming evolved app i try login on my acc but i cant login in app it say (unable to contact,please chek your internet connection). also i can login on site with same accaunt