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Game DVR Error 30009

 Was recording fine up until suddenly this starting happening now. I haven't changed any settings but now I get this when I start to capture. The game I'm recording just closes and I get the error.

What is going on?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Same problem here, crashing and crashing, the only way to record is the auto  replay or replay feuture but i dont want to record everything so it isnt that cool, im using Windows 10 with the latest Win 10 64 bit drivers for my 7950. 

Hope you can solve it soon.

Does this happen with every game you play?

Has it only started happening since the recent update on the 27th?

No it does not started with the last update, and yes it is happening in every day. 

Game closed and error 30009 please we need a fix of that.

 Thank you

@der1ustv - Can you create a ticket for this issue so we can start asking for some PC files from you? We'll need to take at your logs + LTC files after recreating the event. Once you have created the ticket, post back here with the 5 digit ticket number and we'll go from there.

Where can i find the  Log and  LTC files 

Hit Windows Key + R and type in %appdata%. You'll find the 'raptr' log file inside the Raptr folder. The LTC folder is also inside of there.

Any progress on this issue?

@TeaPot2015 - Not really. Seems like some create a ticket but then it gets forgotten by the user. If you'd like, you can make a ticket and post the 5-digit ticket number here so I can look into it.

Got the same Problem when trying to record BO3 ...


@schubu - Only when trying to record BO3? Have you tried other games?

I would recommend reinstalling video drivers to see if it fixes the issue quickly.