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Lol crash

Hi everybody,

I'm new in this forum :3 But i would like start stream with for lol. And when I turn on replays or higlghts functions, when the game begin, the loading stay at 34% for example and my computer crash. It's bloked lol !!

( Sorry for my english I'm french.. but I'm firendly ! x)   )

Thanks for your help..

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What stays at 34%? Uploading a video or loading the game? Is it always 34% when it crashes?

When the party begin and loading at 34%. It's the moment when you see pictures of your team and ennemies..

One time i succes to loading but impossible to recod highlights when i press Ctrl + F2 ..

And the PC crash little later in the party.

I have an asus rog g20 and it crash too when i use skype :/ It's a new pc ..

The PC crashes when you open Skype with Raptr, or just in general?

It does seem odd that you're crashing with League of Legends during the loading portion since we test League of Legends  a lot. 

I would probably recommend creating a ticket for this issue, and posting the ticket # here. We'll have to see if we can pinpoint what could be causing the issue, or if it's even Raptr. I would probably recommend reinstalling drivers as well if you're able.