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Windows 10 and AMD gaming evolved startup

Since I upgraded to windows 10 Raptr will not start automatically on windows startup.

It say it starts in the log, but no window opens and no icon appears in the taskbar.

log file:

2015/08/29 10:05:04: (5084) INFO: MainThread: current_version=4.4.4, revision=100182

2015/08/29 10:05:04: (5084) INFO: MainThread: VersionManager: No update needed

2015/08/29 10:05:04: (5084) INFO: MainThread: Launching app using ShellExecute(): cmd=C:\PROGRA~2\Raptr\raptr.exe --log_to_file --from_stub --startup

2015/08/29 10:05:08: (5428) DEBUG: MainThread: RaptrAppSingleton::__init__(): Listening on: \\.\pipe\raptr-single-instance-check

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Are you actually able to start it manually?

Just checking to see if it's another issue.

I have the same problem, I got it after having to set it to "run as administrator" with compatibility mode, else I did not see settings menu. After that it would not start up with windows. Removed "run as admin", still not starting with windows. No problems starting it manually.
Not that much of a problem, except that I forget to start it and only remember when I'm trying to save a clip :/


Forgot to mention, also on Windows 10


As Cainxx said. It starts manually, but not during startup.

Thanks for letting us know, we'll take a look. Additionally, if you have not already, I'd recommend creating a ticket. This sounds like we'll need to make an internal bug report, so all the tickets associated with it would be helpful. You can post the 5-digit ticket number here.

This happened to me also.  The way I fixed was to open up the task manager and click on the startup tab.  Somehow it had become disable there, so it wasn't starting up automatically.