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Multi Theft Auto San Andreas

Hello guys! I want to suggest a game that is already optimized for the game GTA san andreas and San andreas multiplayer. But why isn't this multiplayer mod optimized!? A lot of channels have been made for this game, there are alot of players. Its fun too! When i want to record the game it is impossible to record it without lag! With raptr i can do it with 0 fps drops and lag! I have a youtube channel my self of playing this multiplayer mod! Here is some footage of my gameplay with MTA : And here is the actual site of the multiplayer mod : It would be very gracefull if you guys can add this simple optimizing for this game too! Cheers!

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Okay its been 2 times that there was added games. Why not this one? Is it so hard for this one? And can someone please reply to my ticket ?

I completely support this.

Its Solved! i finally can record with Raptr! Now just some optimizing and it would be amazing! :)