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Automatic driver updates are not supported

Raptr is showing me this message since i upgraded to win10, and i reinstalled all updated drivers from amd website for my r9 290x card.

And i don't see "check for beta drivers" checkbox

How can i solve this? 

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Some users have stated that it sometimes can trigger the driver detection to work. If the issue persists, we recommend creating a ticket if you have not already.

I dont have that checkbox in my general settings page, how can i create a ticket?

Create New Ticket should be at the top of the page. Once you've created it, let me know the 5-digit ticket number and I can follow-up in there.

I had this as well, it was from 2 separate version of 15.7.1. The older one required a hot Fix through Windows 10 that gave the notification that a driver was available and removed freesync for me.

If you still want to use 15.7.1 just re download the latest which doesn't need the Windows 10 update.

The newer 15.7.1 is 217MB while the older was 245MB.

Installing 15.8 should fix it as well, I'm using 15.8 with PlaysTV and it's awesome in Windows 10 on my 2x 290x's :)

You could block Windows 10 driver updates that caused the issue by following the link bellow.

I have the same problem

Thanks! I've replied to it!