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As i said 4 months ago, raptr doesn't clean up after itself! temp folder has 4 Gb of video recording!

Made a long recording the other day. It is recorded to - stored on HDD because of size limitations. i manually tried to upload it to you tube. It ran into problems. couldnt upload it. 

Everything has been deleted - "Replays " , "my video " is empty does not show anything.  Yet, in c:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Temp\ folder there is the exact copy of the file! 4 Gb in size. On a ssd that barely has enough space because of todays game requirements. Sent log file with send log file option with exact copy of text as the topic title here.

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Hey bobalazs,

So looking back at your issue and previous tickets, first off, I want to apologize. We didn't do a very good job of handling your ticket. Lack of responses, etc. So we're sorry that it didn't seem you were getting a lot of response on your issue. Thankfully, we're doing better (not perfect) with our responses. 

Now back to the topic on hand, so we just did some testing for your sake to study the Temp folders a bit more. Did some in-house testing and also questioned an engineer about it. We personally were unable to recreate an item staying in the Temp folder. After talking with the engineer he stated that files that remain in the Temp folder should only be happening if there was something interrupting a process whether that be recording, encoding or uploading. 

So we obviously need to figure out what is happening. Either something is happening on your machine that is causing your temp folder to fill up, or something unique is happening specifically with your client to not release the temp files. I would prefer to continue this issue in a ticket (we can continue your previous one if you like #12650), but we can also speak here until we need to get files. My first questions would be:

  • Does this happen with all games?
  • The 4.5GB file you posted. Is that a manual or auto recording?
  • From best you can tell, does it always make a temp file after every recording? Or has it been intermittent?
  • Have you ever tried the client to see if it does the same thing?

Reopening the previous ticket would have been best option.

To answer your questions in order.

-It happens in all games, intermittently. The temp file is created in the temp folder, but sometimes its not deleted.

The problematic temp video file is created when uploading the video to youtube. ( i suppose it's some sort of conversion, or leftover from the included video editor/cutter)  

 It doesn't matter if the upload succeeds or not, as you see one of my posts, the file remained there even after a successful upload.

i also don't understand why youtube uploading is broken, if i want to upload a longer video through the app youtube bounces back with an error. Short videos are fine.

submitted a ticket with new instance of problem.

Cool, thanks! I'll take it from there!