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Gigantic (win10/xbox one)

Hey all!

Just thought I'd put in a request for Gigantic to be added, now that they've eased off their NDA requirements to allow you to show that you're playing the game in beta.

Currently, the game is available on Xbox One (so it'll probably start coming up as folks sync XBL) and on Windows 10.

For the Windows 10 version, it has 2 exe files.

First, to launch the game via raptr, you'll need the launcher, located by default at:

C:\Program Files\Motiga\Gigantic Launcher\GiganticLauncher.exe

Which then launches the game exe, which by default is at:

C:\Program Files\Motiga\Gigantic Launcher\Gigantic\Binaries\Win64\RxGame-Win64-Shipping.exe

Currently in the beta, you won't have the option to customise settings as most of them are locked out on the build, so that won't work, yet tracking is OK.

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