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How I can fix this?


your video card is not compatible with the division updating automatic driver
and I have Radeon Dual-x R9 285
Thanks :)

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and I have windows 10 home 64


@gabbro1010 - 

We're looking into a potential issue with driver updates with certain cards recently.

  • When did you notice this first happen?
  • Do you have currently up to date drivers?
  • Do you have Catalyst Control Center installed on your system?


I realized the problem recently
I installed the latest drivers and Catalyst Control Center.
Rapr can help me?

@gabbro1010 - 

Cool, thank you for replying back.

As mentioned, we're looking into the issue heavily since more and more users have reported the drivers not working. Some users have found that disabling the "Notify me when updates are available" and "Check for beta drivers" options in their Preferences under General, they have seen it work all of a sudden (oddly enough). You may want to give that a try to see if it's a temporary fix.