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no points for time played on swtor

it was been at least a month or more now that raptr hasn't fixed or even acknowledged the problem i'm having with no points being tracked or awarded for time played in swtor. i still get the the community 5 points but with me playing 8 to 12 hours a day 7 days a week the points I've lost are staggering. it's unbelievable that raptr won't fix this problem. if they are going to advertised giving points for time played through  raptr they should get off their lazy butts and fix this this raptr's way of stopping players from getting the better prizes for points earned playing?? i'm beginning to wonder. raptr show me i'm wrong and fix this serious problem....

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This is an issue pertaining to your specific Raptr account and game time and not one that can easily be handled via forum.  There are no other complaints of this specific issue from other users that we are aware of and the issue of missed tracking is almost always a problem that is dependent upon the end user's setup.  Please send a direct e-mail to providing your username and explaining the exact circumstances and dates and times of the discrepancy and we can respond to you there.  Thanks.