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22 days to reply and then close the thread straight away... why?

So after 22 days, I finally get a response to my previous thread from raptr with the usual party line "Neither Raptr or AMD are profiting from your information nor are we arbitrarily gathering your data for anything other than making the software available for you to use.  Rewards are an added incentive and we will update the store with rewards as they become available, but there are circumstances that may prevent individual users from seeing certain rewards based on location or hardware.  If you have specific questions pertaining to this, please contact us at or create a support ticket and be sure to include your username."

And then the topic is immediately closed, but I still had questions. First up, I know that not everyone sees all the rewards, but I am running the AMD version of the program with an AMD card, so surely that means there should be more than 1 game showing up as an option for me. Secondly, when was the last time any new games were added to the store? I appreciate your claims that no one is profiting from the information, but I know enough to know that this is a fantastic market research tool for AMD. The fact that it comes with the AMD drivers nowadays suggests they see at least some value in it. And that's fine, but at least run it as a proper rewards system then. Not some rather sorry looking scheme where after an initial burst of new games, nothing new has been added for probably at least a year now. I mean surely it can't be that hard to find even some indie games that could be added? Even just better communication would be great, like an announcement to say "Hey guys, new games are coming in soon". I realise raptr staff are all busy trying to get the plays tv side of things running but the fact that the raptr program seems to have been abandoned makes one wonder what the point of keeping it around is. I don't think it's an unreasonable request to know what is going on and what exactly one is supposed to do with 20 000 points accumulated.

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Hey Dr34dd,

Let me see if I can comment on some of these points:

Locking the Topic: I slightly agree that the forum post should not have been locked, especially on a public forum. Although we do get A LOT of feedback about the rewards store, and we appreciate all of it (despite some of it being rather....colorful). However, I do know that creating a ticket for feedback speaks louder than public forums based solely on how we gather feedback, so just a heads up.

Not everyone sees everything: This is true. However, it is also true that there is currently only one game in the store right now. 

When were games last added to the store: Honestly don't know that, I could look through the records but I'd say a few months? Maybe longer? Either way, trust me...we know.

Please run a proper rewards system: I agree! We're (CS, that is) poking the appropriate people to try and get something moving.

"I mean surely it can't be that hard to find even some indie games that could be added?" - You'd be shocked :-( But it also depends on how we go about things. Other rewards have been around but typically are in a contest format.

"Even just better communication would be great, like an announcement to say "Hey guys, new games are coming in soon" - I would announce something if there was something to announce. But with nothing new, there really isn't anything to communicate.

TL;DR - We're aware of the store's current low volume of rewards and the current feedback from the community. We still welcome feedback (as long as it's constructive and not just filled with insults) but I think the best idea currently would be to figure out what people want so that we can forward it over the appropriate team members. 

So...what would YOU like to see out of the rewards store?

Thank you, that does answer the questions. I think most people would be happy as long as things are being added on a fairly regular basis. Even if it's just exclusive skins or starter packs for a free to play game it would at least show the community that the rewards system hasn't been abandoned, as opposed to when there are months with no changes other than less and less things being available. I don't thing most people are realistically hoping to grab the latest games or anything, but the selection that was previously available was a nice mix of decent games that weren't too old, and I don't think people had any complaints about that, just the fact that they disappeared without any replacements. Obviously it is not up to Raptr to force any publishers to give away games, but I think there is a pretty big number of subscribers and I know that from a marketing perspective, that in itself carries value for publishers who could maybe promote a new game by giving away copies of the last game in the series for example, I've seen that happen on numerous occasions. And like the golden joystick awards have given away Xcom and Bioshock infinite the last few years, and there are lots of game studios who seem willing to give away their games for next to nothing via humble bundle and other sites, so it does seem like publishers aren't closed to the idea of promotions, and it would be great if Raptr had a piece of that action. Thank you for taking the time to respond properly, when you have a plan you should do a global post to let people know what's going on, as I know I'm not the only person thinking the reward store was looking a little sad.

We appreciate the feedback. So simply more rewards on a regular basis? I'll convey that personally. I can't say for certain you'll see any changes:

  • Immediately
  • Exactly as you want
  • At all
But I will do my best to communicate the wants of the users for the rewards store.
I also welcome anyone other user who sees this to feel free and give their opinion on the rewards store, or what they would like in the store.