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Why so long for updates?


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Yes this needs to be addressed. It seems many features are broken and never fixed or removed like the PSN and Live services that are not supported anymore. Many things are clunky and it takes months to see any sort of update to fix simple issues. Has their been issues at Raptr that are preventing you guys from doing more than you want or is their something coming along as that's another big issue here, communication. Even just the smallest updates on whats going on goes a long way, even if it's just a simple we are still working on things keep checking back!

I've been using Raptr near the very beginning and now more then ever, nothings going to change. I hope we can get some sort of insight from the team.

There has been a large focus on the client for the last few builds. However, now that we got a few things for it under control, we can focus back on Raptr. Raptr should be getting an update very soon actually.

Wow! Thanks for such a quick update Verun! Any chance that you guys will change your communication with the community to better update us on whats going on with Raptr? Also any chance we may see a return of the small community team where we get to test builds before release to give you guys feedback on bug fixes and suggestions? It was a great idea but it didn't last very long and I think it was a great way to have a small outside team help with last second thoughts to help improve things before it went out to the mass.

You caught me at a good time between writing bugs and I saw that it was updated :-)

We are definitely trying to do better with our communication, in both honesty and just keeping users aware. It can be difficult with our increased userbase now and thus an increased amount of issues (just based on pure volume). However, I believe we have a forum for updates. I think the Raptr one kind of fell by the way side while CS kind of restructured ourselves. 


As you can see the Raptr one has not really had anything for a while (we're on 4.4.4 now). However, it hasn't really updated since we got things under control and they were usually small updates that a user may never notice. has updated more often, and thus we've had more release notes for it. actually has release notes when you get an update through the app. We may do this with Raptr, unsure. 

As for bringing back the test builds for users the answer is probably No; but here is why! Since we're becoming a bigger company we're able to have more reliable testers in house. So that helps for about 95% of issues. However, there is always the 5% that a user with a specific setup, or software did something that we couldn't recreate. In THOSE cases, we actually do sometimes reach out and give them beta builds, but it's a more private matter and not typically open to the public, or a select group, just typically those with the particular issue.

P.S. I also apologize that we (CS) don't show our face as much in the forums as we used to. We are looking into a way to resolve this by either restructuring the forums or getting more help. We'll have to see.

Thanks for the update again man! These are the kind of news I think the members need to hear, personally I do think the forums need a rework and I also feel like the Raptr client should have a built in Update Log and Detection Client log (kind of like you guys had on Xfire) to know whats new and been fixed.

Keep up the great work and as always like in the past, I'm hear for any help needed and hope to see your guys faces every now and then so the community knows your not ignoring them. :)

Thanks guys and keep up the work!

No problem and thanks for the support!

Thanks for updating us VERUN.


No problem. Sorry I don't show up in as many forum posts as I used to. 

Honestly, if you want me to jump into a forum for answers or an update, you can email me at Just give me a link to the forum post and I'll try to stick my head in. However, if it is a technical issue, I would recommend still creating a ticket since I would probably be answering it there anyways. 

Will do thanks..

Do you have any update on if Reptr will support push to talk on Mic or voice activation? they is a issue at the moment when you record and use the mic its always enabled and loads background noise.

This maybe my number one issue with Raptr at this moment.

@shankly1985 - 

I've heard it talked about, but I don't think it's being actively worked on at this moment. However, it's a greatly asked for feature so it may come down the line. I think recording the cursor beats it out though in number of requests :-)

Still nothing?

Still nothing yet. Sorry.