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Error prevents me from starting on Gaming Evolved

  This is the errorUnhandled condition occured. HWLVL=-3 (0x000000000)

Im getting this error when i want to start on AMD gaming evolved. Its worked in the past but now im getting this error.

I'm using windows 10 my card is AMD Radeon 7770 HD.

All drivers are upto date (15.7.1)

Other topics have said to install Media Feature Pack for Windows 7 N. As i was on windows 7 N and had that installed. But since i upgraded to windows 10 i can no longer install it.

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Here is the link to the Windows 10 version for Windows N:

Media pack for Windows KN or N editions doesn't solve this problem.

You're getting HWLVL-3 and tried installing the Media Pack and it did not work for you?

Yes I tried Media pack for Windows. I even reinstalled my PC with new Windows 10 TH2 update and still no go. It worked before with the same drivers and PC settings. It just stopped and it doesn't work even after reinstall. Razer Cortex works but it has poor results comparing to AMD gaming evolved.


@indig0f10w - Can you create a ticket about this and post the 5-digit ticket number? I'd like to request logs and whatnot to get a better idea of what's happening.

Microsoft released a new Media feature pack for Windows 10 N and Windows 10 KN editions. Latest Windows 10 version is 1511 build 10586.17 and you need to install new media pack from this link.

As stated by Microsoft: This update supersedes update 3010081 in Windows 10 1511.

All working now, thank you for trying to help.

Posting 3rd time since my comments do not get posted for some reason...

MS superseded Windows 10 Media pack update KB3010081 with Media pack update KB3099229.

Installing KB3099229 fixes everything. Thanks for trying to help.

@indig0f10w - I think the links were auto-flagging you to avoid spam (I know, weird). But they're posted now. Thanks for letting us know about this!