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Not seeing many rewards

 When I first started using Raptr I was using GTX 260. I only had Bronze Daily Sweepstakes under my rewards. My brother-in-law had an AMD card and he had many more available rewards and including other cases too, we concluded only AMD users get to use all features.

However, now when I have AMD Sapphire R9 360, I still don't have many rewards. I have Bronze Daily Sweepstakes, Dragon Age Inquisition Pack, 50% off coupons for Dragon Age, Civilization, Prima eGuide and Destiny eGuide.

I don't see Silver or Gold Sweepstakes or any other offers that I (should [?!?!?!]) have.

Can someone tell me why?

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You still need to download the AMD version of the client itself.  Please go to  If you have any difficulty, e-mail us directly at  Thank you.