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Raptr eating a lot of memory

 Since I installed the latest Raptr that comes with AMD Catalyst for Windows (15.9 beta). My system became unresponsive when starting a game. I checked the task manager and the "system" process was using 1.6Gb of memory and going up. As soon as I shut down Raptr it goes down to 150Mb. This also caused my game and Firefox to crash from time to time.

Anyone with similar problems?

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Sorry for the late reply. 

We're looking into an issue regarding memory leaks in the client, but we know it's not affecting everyone. Let us know if you find anything that helps in the meantime.

 Old version works. But as soon I install the latest Catalysts (15.9.1 beta) it's broken. It works ok until I try to save the last 3 minutes of my gameplay. It starts eating a lot of CPU cycles and the message "Saving last 3 minutes of gameplay" stays on for almost like a minute. Then the lags every 1 second appear until I force shut down Raptr.

@upornik - So the memory leak issue should have been resolved in the last patch. If you could, can you create a ticket and then post the 5-digit ticket number here for me to follow-up with?


I submitted a new ticket: 19255



I have responded to it. Thanks for doing that!