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When can we expect a proper resolution support??

Although raptr has almost zero performance hit , unfortunately it supports only 3 modes (xxx, 720p, 1080p) and I have 1920x1200 monitor. So when I record stuff the output file gets reduced resolution (17**x1080). And what about the ones who play at 1440p resolution?

GCN 1.2 cards are capable recording up to 4K/30fps btw..

It's a shame that AMD sponsored software can't properly utilize AMDs gpus.. =(

Shadowplay used to have the same problem resolution wise but nvidia fixed it..

When can we expect raptr to get improved?

Thank you.

PS I've tried using a third party OBS multiplatform version and it works fine. However.. performance hit is quite noticeable compared to shadowplay\raptr. I get approximately 5-6 fps hit at 1920x1200 30 fps recording, but it's the same with nvidias nvenc in OBS...When can we expect a proper resolution support??


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I have 3440x1440 res and I would REALLY like more versatile resolution support. I'm quite happy taking more of a performance hit because of the resolution.  But 3rd party apps drop performance dramatically, eg. 120-160fps to 30fps.
I am REALLY thrilled with my 295X2 but video capture is not really competitive when compared to shadowplay.


I currently have a 21:9 monitor with a resolution of 2560*1080, but records videos at a resolution of 1920*810 so there's a really noticeable loss of quality in the end. Since 1440p and 4K monitor are getting more and more popular, are you (or planing on proposing higher resolution for capturing videos ? That would help a lot.

@ced_rock93 - It definitely seems like we're heading that route, but I don't have any ETA on when we'll have "official" support for it yet. The 21:9 ratio issue with Error 20032 is something that we'll be fixing soon.