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Strange Frame Rates

Hi there,

I started using the Raptr software for my GVR last night and I must say, I was impressed.... Until I started editing this morning. For starters, my videos split after 3GB and it is causing data loss in between transitions of recording for my face cam I edit in during post. Also, my "60fps" recording is only recording in 56fps, causing desyncing issues in Premiere CC 2014, rendering my 2 hour gaming session unusable. Is there a solution?

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Same for me. It captures CSGO with 58 fps, Tom Clancy's The Divison Beta with 53,27 FPS and Age of Empires with 56 FPS. It's not possible to edit anything and the desync is completely annoying. Even though i got over 60 fps in every game. (CSGO 500fps, TCTDB 80fps, etc.)

Please help and fix this. Otherwise this program is extremely useless for YouTubers and other Users.

I believe it's tied to the variable framerate that we're using. That is why you'll sometimes get 55-59 FPS and not exactly 60 all the time.

I had to switch to alternate software due to this issue. I had a ticket open, with a response indicating that it records in variable rates to insure it does not degrade the performance of the game. This in theory is great for plays.TV; however, not usable for editing. I have since switched to using my Elgato and their software for my PC game recording, as I was using it exclusively for console previously. The new Windows Game Bar in Windows 10 is also fantastic.

@qwazyd0gg - Correct! We do understand the issue inherent with variable framerate in our case when it comes to video editing. We're still making improvements though and I'll bring it up that this type of issue (where editing in software becomes disjointed with the audio) can be an issue for those that upload to Youtube (or even our site) frequently. Most regular streamers/uploaders do like to have intros, outros, custom overlays not provided by the recording software itself, etc.

It's very possible we may see fixes in the future, or even advancements in constant framerate. However, time will tell since I'm not sure how that fits into the current development cycle. I would recommend for those that are having this issue with editing software lagging the audio to create a ticket (Right-click Icon > Help >  Feedback) and provide a Other ticket and state that it's a "Feature Request". That way I can start to collect all this together and get accurate numbers on how many people want to see this fix. The more tickets we see, the 'louder' it becomes sometimes.