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Amd gaming wont record

Hey guys i opend i ticked here a few days ago an nobody is respdonsing to it so i need to post it here.Since i few days ago after the new update Amd gaming wont record my game(Leauge of Legends) it only records sound and no video and before the update it worked fine. I tried reinstalling it, i tried instaling raptr i tried with only installing plays tv nothing seems to work.Can someone please help me what do i need to do for it to record video?? My specs are Amd A8 7100( radeon r5 1GB) Amd radeon r6 m255xd 2Gb 8 GB of ram 1666mhz 1 TB hdd and windows 10.As you can see i have dual graphics.So please does anyone what why it only records sound and no video??

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